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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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election will be rigged. >> the corrupt political establishment is a machine. it has no soul. i knew these attacks would come. this is a conspiracy and we cannot let this happen or continue. >> warning shot. mike pence today threatening a trump campaign info dump against the women accusing trump of inappropriate behavior. >> i think it's coming. it's coming in, frankly, probably in a matter of hours. >> reporter: >> triple threat. two obamas and one biden taking down trump with the first lady in the lead. >> it has shaken me to my core in a way i couldn't have predicted. the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman?
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it is cruel. it is frightening. and the truth is it hurts. >> the guys they nominated and endorsed and supported is caught on tape saying things that no decent person would even think, much less say, much less brag about, much less laugh about or joke about, much less act on. >> this guy, as i said, has acknowledged that he has been a sexual predator. he's acknowledged that he's abused his power. as i said, the textbook definition that constitutes sexual assault. >> good day, everybody. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump lashing out at his accusers, painting himself as the victim. some kind of global conspiracy
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including from a prominent mexican billionaire who invested in the "new york times" and the rest of the news media. on the "today" show, mike pence suggesting they will roll out new information today trying to undermine trump's accusers. >> he said that he has substantial evidence to prove that what these women are saying is wrong. boy, if there's a time to come up with that evidence and show us that evidence, this is the time. has he shown you that evidence? >> matt, i think it's coming. and it's coming in frankly probably in a matter of hours. >> yoin joining me now, peter alexander, kasie hunt, kelly o'donnell in wisconsin waiting for speaker paul ryan to deliver a major policy speech and chris jansing, traveling with president obama in cleveland. more on that in a moment. first to you, kasie hunt. we haven't heard from hillary clinton except on the "ellen"
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show. she hasn't done interviews since the combative debate, deferring to michelle obama as her chief protector and shield, if you will. of course president obama today. you are flying back from the west coast with the campaign where she's been getting ready for the next debate. >> reporter: that's right, andrea. she's been fund raising and will be headed to seattle in a few minutes. hillary clinton really letting michelle obama take the forefront of the push back against donald trump and what unfolded over the course of the past 72 hours or so as the allegations has come forward in the wake of the second debate and what donald trump said about his actions compared to his words. michelle obama really, as you know, the clinton campaign saying this was her idea. this was something she felt a
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moral imperative to do and this is something she, you know, wanted to say on the campaign trail. that's let hillary clinton keep the argument she's been making expanded to all of the groups they say have been insulted over the course of the election. immigrants, muslims. that's how she handled it on stage. she quoted michelle obama saying when they go low, we go high. talking about how it impacted people. michelle obama talking with the campaign feels is a powerful way about her own personal experience as a woman, raising daughters. as well as trying to send the right message to sons, men and others. hillary clinton has struggled over the course of the political career with how much to put the fact that she is, you know, a woman at the forefront of her political candidacy. she's done it more this time around than she did in 2008. but you are still seeing her handle it differently than, of
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course, michelle obama who has been more forthright. >> also one of the most -- well, if not the most powerful speaker of all the surrogates in either party. michelle obama has carved out a unique role in the campaign starting with the convention in philadelphia. now certainly this is her sixth appearance, peter alexander. they have been on college campuses. she's reaching out to millennials in a way hillary clinton has not. i spoke to a long-time democratic elected official in new hampshire after the event was there. this is not moving the trump base at all. it is reaching out to the appeals of michelle obama. >> if they are competing on the trump side which made the assessment if we depress the vote perhaps we can win. this is in the low 40s. then all of the sudden donald trump makes it viable. what she's doing is energizing,
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animating the democratic base, getting independence in suburban women to feel a new sense of reason that they should be invested in the campaign cycle. i spoke to folks close to michelle obama yesterday who said this is a speech she's wanted to give for several weeks. she didn't identify any of the allegations against donald trump. she did speak specifically to his recent comments broadcast by "access hollywood." it demonstrated the passion. president obama worth noting, new poll numbers at 57% approval which is striking. you look at the obamas. hers at 57 as well. their approvals are so high as so many americans are dissatisfied or perhaps disgusted with other choices. she hopes her success is transitive. >> when you look at the poll she's at 68%. that's a key target audience.
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also wanted to play for all of us, jessica leeds, one of the accusers was on a flight, sitting in first class. this is the way she described it to anderson cooper last night. >> i was wearing a skirt, and his hands starting going towards my knee and up my skirt. that's when i said, i don't need this. and i got up. >> did he actually kiss you? >> yeah. yeah. >> on the face, on the lips? >> wherever he could find a landing spot, yes. >> i want to bring in nbc legal >> what is the impact on traditional republicans there in wisconsin and on capitol hill of the accusations made against donald trump and his self accusation, if you will, on the "access hollywood" tape where he acknowledges this behavior? >> reporter: there is an instinct to support the nominee
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but so many instances that make that harder to do. paul ryan said he won't defend nor campaign with donald trump. today's address here to college republicans with q & a. this could be a chance to hear paul ryan speak about the specific new fact about the audiotape from 2005. his prepared remarks, although it is not the in your face rhetoric of the campaign trail we are seeing play out. don't mistake the fact this will be a pointed address about the differences between conservativism and liberalism. he will talk about hillary clinton in ways that will be obvious as he makes his remark saying stronger together is really a liberal progressive point of view that says stronger by surrendering to the state. expect that paul ryan will talk about how he sees two very different visions. he's in effect running a parallel campaign about republican and conservative ideas. and encouraging other republicans to do the same.
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as the highest ranking republican in the country, there is a lot of pressure on him to answer for trump, explain trump. he tried not to. he's really pushed back. he will be making his own case for those who are nervous about which way to vote. of the idea differences between what a hillary clinton administration would be and whether they are in congress or potentially in the white house. paul ryan is in a lane of his own, trying to bring republicans with him. to talk about the issues that are the stark choice and get away from some of the ugliness. he'll use that word. from the campaign trail. andrea? >> if hillary clinton's lead holds and we have new battleground maps today we'll talk about in a moment. if the lead holds he's the speaker of the house. she would be the president elect and then the president.
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she first went and campaigned for a democrat in that wisconsin district against a young 27-year-old paul ryan. he was trying for his first federal seat. he won. she was not, as first lady, successful in trying to defeat a young paul ryan. we'll see how they would work together. kelly just talked about stronger together and what paul ryan will say. this is a new effort out today from the clinton team trying to energize their base, especially african-americans and morgan freeman voices the ad. it is all about their view of "stronger together." what does showing up when it's time to vote mean? you care about his legacy and our progress. you care about moving forward united as one. because when we show up in full force and when we refuse to
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stand by quietly, we show what it means to be stronger together. >> chris jansing is in ohio. you have seen her, of course, covering the president there. he's making this all about him, chris. his legacy. do it for me. one more campaign. it's interesting to watch this. we have heard it before. we have been hearing it more and more over the last receive months. he talks about the economy. he talks about the way lives have been changed. he taylors it to the audience. this is a part of america that's deindustrialized. there aren't the number of factories. cleveland in the cleveland area. in some ways it's grown. in other ways you see, again, some of the factory towns that got the landscape. in the suburbs. how much they are struggling. that's the case he's making that you want to keep it going for the next four years and the next eight years.
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what we have seen a little bit of and you know because you follow this closely. we saw it last night in manchester. we saw it with the president today. as we are following his speech and i was talking to david simas. he really starts riffing when he starts talking about donald trump. for them this is about something bigger. in the start it was about getting hillary clinton elected, preserving the legacy against an onslaught of republicans. now they feel there is something else at stake here. you are hearing it in the messaging. david simas told me they will be out there a couple times a week until election day. >> chris cillizza -- excuse me. chris jansing. thank you so much. great reporting. as always, kelly o'donnell and peter alexander. of course kasie hunt on the bus already getting ready to roll back to the airport. chris cillizza will be joining me now to talk about the
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battleground map. the map shows hillary clinton is expanding her lead in elect call votes. now if the election were held today we predict she would be 287 electoral votes in her column, 17 more than she needs to win the white house. donald trump would have 157. north carolina and new hampshire have moved from toss-up to lean democratic. arizona, georgia and utah which were leaning republican moved to toss-up. that's a big move. joining me now is chris cillizza, otherwise known as chris jansing, if i could get the chris es straight. founder of the washington post fix blog. two of our favorites. chris cillizza, tell me about the significance in your mind of the moves to toss up traditionally republican states and where we stand on the battleground map. how much is movable between now and november 8? >> well, if it continues on this
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trajectory it's at least as likely that hillary clinton wins with 330 or more electoral votes than donald trump wins at all. that's what we have been doing -- moving a lot of states. if you told me utah, alaska, texas there was a poll earlier this week that had it 47-43. if you told me those were the states that hillary clinton would be within the margin of error of donald trump. even six weeks ago i would have been surprised. what you have seen since just before the first debate september 26 which you have seen from then to know is just a huge erosion of republican support for donald trump. yes, 's kept and hardened the hard-core base. it's just not enough people. he's losing suburban white women. he's losing women generally.
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you are seeing a total collapse by trump. >> in our polling we look at ohio, north carolina, two critical states. in ohio you have trump at 42. clinton at 41. that's basically a tie. >> good number for him. >> it is. >> clinton leading by four now in north carolina. that's within the margin of error but significant. 45, 41. johnson at 9. >> yeah. >> that's another factor. there is a fox poll which is interesting. when you look at the four-way race clinton is ahead by seven points in a fox poll. looking at that donald trump, lost support down as you say with women 12 points and with adults overall. the debates aren't doing him any favors no matter what he claims about the second debate.
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>> take north carolina as an example. you mentioned nbc marist has her up. north carolina was part of the romney coalition. he won in 2012. he's still only got 206. you subtract it down it's under 200 for the republican nominee. i think the likelihood of clinton winning with maybe 350 electoral votes is close. you're just seeing that movement, momentum away from him. the strategy is to speak if we can take that as an indication. the base is absolutely committed. and yes, is way too small for him to win the white house with. >> you're coming back later to talk about some of the down ballot races. with these projections, big implications for the rest of the political party.
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>> pat toomey, all of them. it's big trouble in the senate and the house. >> i don't know about the house. that's interesting. we'll talk about that later. come on back, chris cillizza. coming up, one-two punch? can trump counteract the force of the president and the first lady? a senior add viedser to the trump campaign next. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. >> one of the measures of a society is how it treats its women, its girls. are you treating them with respect, dignity and equality? if you believe we are better than what we have been here, the good news is there is something we can do about i. right here in ohio. a battleground state.
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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think of it. she's doing a story on melania who was pregnant at the time and donald trump, our one-year anniversary and she said i made inappropriate advances. by the way, the area was a public area, people all over the place. take a look. you take a look. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> donald trump yesterday ridiculing a "people" magazine reporter who claims trump inappropriately kissed her during an interview. joining me is a.j. dell gado. we want your perspective on
9:22 am
this. we are hearing that more information might be coming out. do you know what information is coming out about the accusers later today? he said in a couple of hours. >> i don't have information on that to share at this point. there will be information forthcoming. we'll hear about it when it does. >> jessica leeds went on with anderson cooper last night. she said on a plane there was an incident 35 years ago. >> i didn't start telling my story until about a year ago when it was serious he was running for the presidency. the friday night tapes, that whole bus scene was really annoying. and then the debate. when you specifically asked
9:23 am
trump had he ever groped a woman or i forget how you phrased it. and he said no. >> i asked if he had ever -- was just bragging about sexual assault or had done what he said -- kissed a woman without consent, groped a woman. >> right. he said no. i literally wanted to throw something at the tv or punch my hand in the tv. that was sunday night. monday morning i found myself writing an e-mail letter to the editor to the "times." >> so that's her explanation as to why now. he's runninging for president, longer a private citizen. he said this kind of thing never happened. do you understand why someone would come forward at this point? >> i understand her explanation as to why now perhaps although it's a little bit dubious to wait that many years. it could happen, i suppose. it is the fact that she presents that i personally don't find
9:24 am
credible. the fact that this could occur. he said he was kissing her anywhere there was a landing spot, i believe is her phrase, in the middle of a first class flight in front of other passengers and flight attendants? i'm sorry. as someone who has experienced sexual assault myself, it is something i take seriously. these facts and her story as she presented it, as a woman, i personally find them lacking in credibility. it is unsubstantiated, uncorroborated. she didn't complain to the airline. there seem to be no witnesses. she did wait this long to discuss it. there could be a reason for that. as she said maybe she didn't feel the need to mention this to anyone in 30-something years. the situation as she describes it is a little bit of a stretch. for me as a woman and as somebody who takes sexual assault seriously i don't like to see it trivial sized this way. it is a slippery slope.
9:25 am
>> donald trump and mike pence are suggest iing there will be counter attack. it strikes me that one of the main arguments that trump made for using bill clinton's past is that it's relevant because hillary clinton allegedly went after these women. so she victimized the victims is the allegation. >> correct. they were going to -- >> isn't this the same thing he's accusing hillary clinton of having done? by going after these women? >> no. if we are going to take the "new york times" at face value as we have this week, we should look back to the "new york times" article of a week or two ago. they pointed out hillary clinton had apparently hired a private investigator to dig up dirt and shame jennifer flowers, a woman whose only crime was falling to the charms of a predatory bill
9:26 am
clinton. that's hillary clinton doing this. it is also hillary clinton who, according to juanita brad rick silenced this poor woman who was, according to juanita broderick raped by bill clinton. there are calls for nbc to release the full unedited tape in 1992 conducted with juanita and there was talk it was edited out, goes into detail on how hillary, not bill, made her life difficult. i would respectfully call upon your flagship network to release the unedited footage. as a woman, i want to hear from juanita the full interview. what hillary clinton did. it's hillary on the ballot. >> back to the question. is not donald trump and the campaign doing exactly what they are accusing hillary clinton of doing by going after the women? >> he's not going after the women.
9:27 am
he's not hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on them the way hillary clinton did. there's no rain accusations. he's not calling the women crazy the way hillary clinton called monica lewinsky a loonie tune. he's pointing out these smears about him aren't true as any person would do. >> let me correct one fact. that was a diary of diane blair who is now deceased. it was her writing down what she said hillary clinton said. i don't want to litigate the past. >> oh, about monica? >> there is no -- >> -- right wing conspiracy. she did call monica lewinsky a liar. >> let me ask you this. what do you think of michelle obama's speech yesterday? did you see it? >> yes. she made powerful statements. we should not condone behavior
9:28 am
of the kind that's being discussed. i agree. donald trump doesn't engage in the kind of behavior being discussed. bill clinton does. >> excuse me, a.j. didn't donald trump on the tape because he was responding to the tape, not the other allegations. on the tape in his voice and he's not disputing the tape. he talks about the fact that when he see s beautiful women h has to kiss them without asking permission. isn't that an acknowledgment of sexual aggression, predatory behavior. >> he said when you're famous women let you do it. that's probably true. he's not saying he goes around doing it. it is a shame that the tape is being distorted as him saying he goes around doing these things. he was using hyperbole with another man about what woman let a famous playboy new york guy get away with it.
9:29 am
let is the operative term. this isn't something he was doing, if he was, without consent. it is a shame the tape is distorted. i urge people to listen to it. it speaks for itself. >> it does indeed. >> what about the allegation that he would walk into the dressing room when pageant contestants were naked and he felt he had the right to do it as the owner of the pageant. >> a couple of contestants said he did that. curiously only after the tape where he was joking about that. others have said, no, we never saw him do that. he was nothing but respectful. again we have him using hyperbole on howard stern. this is what people do. megm megman kelly went on howard stern and talked about the size of her breasts. now that's being twisted and
9:30 am
used against him. the media is trying to turn it into a factual statement about how he behaves. it is silly talk on howard stern. this is how people behave. meghan kelly is a great example. >> there is a tape. we have to take donald trump at face value. about what he says about himself. >> thank you. >> coming up, from the clinton camp, a clinton supporter joins us next. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet?
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in cincinnati last night donald trump took on accusers and the media blaming reporters for everything going wrong with his campaign. >> they want to distract us from wikileaks. it's amazing what's coming out on wikileaks. they want to keep us from talking about the issues. we will not let that happen.
9:34 am
we are going to talk about the real issues which is jobs and illegal immigration and our depleted military and taking care of our vets. >> joining me is jackie spear. thank you very much for being with us. there is so much to talk about. you have introduced a bill on sexual harassment in the s.t.e.m. field. you have been a strong advocate. how do you feel about the debantd how it's evolved over donald trump and women accusing him and him claiming this is all created by the news media. >> i think all of us who have been in the work place for any length of time have encountered sexual harassment. sexual assault. the first lady said that's not what this country is about. it's time for us to take seriously the issue. why we need to deal with it in
9:35 am
the military, on college campuses, in academia. what donald trump presented to us is a case of what goes on when someone feels they have power over another individual and can take advantage of them. he was bragging about that on that 2005 tape. >> the point just now from a.j. del gado from his campaign, a surrogate for him, is it was just bragging. you know, what they call locker room talk but hyperbole, said she. >> i don't think we can call it hyperbole when he was graphic about how he could grab women in their private parts and how he delighted in kissing women just because he was a celebrity and could do it. you know, that's the conduct of someone who is a serial predator. women for the most part don't come forward because they feel
9:36 am
powerless, demeaned and there is outrageous conduct when they come forward. think back to anita hill. i remember throwing a slipper at the tv when she was somehow being dismissed by the judiciary committee about her complaints of sexual harassment against clarence thomas. at that point, i remember introducing legislation in the california state legislature to require sexual harassment training by all businesses. yet here we are, how many years later, still dealing with the same outrageous behavior. >> by the way, i was at those hearings. i covered those. that was democrats as well as republicans. >> that's correct. >> that's what the senate was like in 1991. >> thank goodness it's not like that anymore. >> one hopes. to be continued. thank you very much. thanks for being with us. coming up, secret weapon. first lady michelle obama's role in this election. not so secret anymore.
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i feel it so personally. i'm sure that many of you do, too, particularly the women. the shameful comments about our bodies. the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect. the belief that you can do anything you can want to a woman. it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is it hurts. it hurts. it is intolerable. it doesn't matter what party you belong to. democrat, republican, independent, no woman deserves to be treated this way. none of us deserves this kind of abuse. i know it's a campaign. this isn't about politics.
9:41 am
it's about basic human decency. >> michelle obama delivering a powerful indictment of donald trump yesterday. speaking to women across party lines. joining me now, ruth marcus, yamish alcinder and chris cillizza. ruth, the first lady's speech was another breakout speech after her speech in philadelphia, of course. it is a powerful speech. is it reaching the intended audience -- the women, younger ones in particular, who failed to connect as powerfully as the campaign needs with hillary clinton. >> it has every opportunity to. she's a popular figure. she's a figure who has something that's really rare in politics these days. maybe because she's not the politician in the family which is authenticity. one of the reasons the speech is breaking through is that she
9:42 am
sounds anguished about the way women are spoken about. she took the dialogue from locker room banter all talk, not action, can we trust these women and brought it to a level of, hey, folks, where are we as a society that this is what our presidential campaign has descended to? i think that's a good and powerful reminder for everybody. it actually is a reminder that's not only true but one that can be helpful to hillary clinton. >> before i move on, i will ask you. i know you have two college age girls. are college young women responding to the issues that have been raised since the kwm access hollywood" tape and what's addressed? >> we have been talking in my family. i have a column that will be posted shortly about how i stayed silent actually when i
9:43 am
was groped by somebody i wanted a job from at a college newspaper banquet. my 19-year-old daughter was saying, no, mom, i would speak up. boy, i hope she's right. i hope times have changed. i know my 58-year-old self wouldn't tolerate it. there is a potential upside to this whole discussion that we are having now to educate boys and men about what's acceptable and also to empower girls and women to speak up and not stay silent and to actually have them maybe be believed when they do come forward. >> i was on the campus, of course, and watched you for the debate. one woman said to me one of the college students said, you know, i really think this is important, this issue. even my mom has had this problem in the work place. mothers and daughters are talking in ways they didn't used
9:44 am
to about this issue. >> i would add to that. michelle obama is talking in ways we haven't heard a lot of people talk about it. she said it would be disingenuous for me not to talk as a mother in a personal way. you could hear the emotion. she was really shaken and was appealing to people who were hurt by this. the idea is she was saying, you know, as women sometimes -- she was talking to the crowd, of course -- they feel you shouldn't talk about your pain, say this is personally painful. here is my story and this is why it shakes me. the first lady did it. of course her favorabilities are higher than her husband or hillary clinton. not only is she doing it authentically but there is an idea she's the right messenger. even when you saw her at the dnc her speech rose above that and gave hillary clinton the line she used in the debate, when
9:45 am
they go low, we go high. she's really someone that the clinton campaign knows is powerful and they are using her to appeal to women. they are also appealing with her to young people. >> chris cillizza, we know now from the reporting that the trump strategy is to inspire their base. a lot of red meat. it's a scorcher strategy. take down, increase the negatives of hillary clinton and hope, plan for the democrats and for potential clinton supporters to stay home. >> i suppose. i don't think that will work. i think there are plenty of democrats and independents who aren't terribly inspired by hillary clinton but will turn out to vote because they are very inspired in a negative way by donald trump. we'll see. i would remind people that this is not a coin flip at this point. she has a considerably -- a considerable better chance of
9:46 am
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when president obama gets back to the white house today from ohio he'll meet with his national security advisers to talk about options for getting aid to aleppo. joining me now, author and columnist. hi, gail. you wrote an article called "there is a way obama's white house can save syrian lives, there is just no will." please discuss. >> this was really about the fact that you have bombs falling from the sky on kids, carnage on the ground, starvation in cities and this is just aleppo. really the truth is there is no appetite to intervene because the ghost of the iraq war looms so large over every american foreign policy decision being made. there really is no real appetite
9:50 am
for greater military intervention inside syria. there are messy options for greater humanitarian aid inside aleppo. you have a casserole of lousy choice that is the obama administration is facing. the truth is no one expects anybody to decide on greater military action. it's secretary kerry and sam power against the rest of the administration in terms of arguing for it. >> we have secretary kerry already exposed by the hidden microphone moment where he was meeting in i think the dutch u.n. mission meeting with syrian opposition leaders and acknowledged he's been arguing for military action and has no support. >> you have seen people inside the administration arguing for a to z and the obama administration said, look, the president said if you can't
9:51 am
guarantee it won't make things worse, that we won't be in a quagmire in the middle east i don't really see a good answer here. that's where we have been since 2013. you have been locked out of any option for safe haven. >> how fair is it when donald trump says it is the obama/clinton policy that failed by military engage ment. >> there are certainly people inside the administration who would say that the cost of inaction wasn't fully weighed. the cost if you don't do anything. now when you talk to people
9:52 am
favoring greater intervention to save lives in syria, the real game is what happens with the next administration? if there is a president clinton, would there be a no fly zone, a safe haven? what policy options would be on the table. if there is a president trump it is unclear what there would be. they have argued for more against isis and american intervention in the middle east. it is hard to understand exactly what you would get. certainly the question is what happens if there is a clinton administration. will there be a break and do more than there was in the obama administration on syria. >> gail, thank you very much. more ahead here on "andrea mitchell reports." we'll be right back. lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising?
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9:56 am
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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow the show online on facebook, on twitter. nats fans, wait for next year. hallie jackson is next on msnbc. happy friday, everybody. i'm hallie jackson off the road in washington. we begin with breaking news. the washington post moments ago
10:00 am
reporting another woman is coming forward to accuse donald trump of inappropriate sexual misconduct. donald trump has denied all the allegations so far as his campaign promises today is the day it is going to deliver proof that the women who accused him of sexual misconduct are, in his words, horrible, horrible liars. within the past 90 minutes president obama has been telling a crowd in cleveland the republican candidate represents the worst choice for a democracy. >> imagine somebody who threatens to jail his political opponents. or silence the media. who welcomes russian meddling in our electoral process. some nations do operate that way. they're tiyrannies. >> house speaker paul ryan will be taking the podium to speak to a group of millennials in madison square garden, wisconsin. significant as he


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